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Water Drainage Solutions

With new construction or development on any section of land, the introduction of paved surfaces and sloped garden beds can drastically alter the natural systems and increase the amount of storm water runoff.

Storm water is any water that pools during rain or other precipitation and instead of soaking into the ground, becomes a surface runoff. The storm water can cause landscape erosion and puddles of water that can seep into your foundation as opposed to draining away from structures.

When storm water runoff is in excess and cannot be absorbed by the soil, it travels over land, pavement, and other impervious surfaces and picks up any pollutants in its path including oil, grease, chemicals, metals, and bacteria.

If maintaining your landscape is important to you, then we have all of the solutions to help you achieve that goal. Chesapeake Paving is an experienced exterior drainage contractor for your home or business drainage needs.

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